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Overcoming Writers Block

Posted by Susan Stoltz on

Sometimes when I’m supposed to be writing something important or creative my brain just shuts down and then I sit and wait. And wait. And wait.

Every author has a different routine to overcome writers block. Some just give up for the day because it can be a challenge. Some writers go for a walk or listen to music. Caffeine can change the game for others. There are a million ways to cope with this syndrome, in fact there are more articles on how to overcome writers block than how to be a great writer!

For me, I love to do short poems. I find something unique or delicious, beautiful or funny, even scorpions have made the poem list. I do have to admit, however, that poems sometimes just pop into my head and I try to write them down least I forget. My short poems aren’t the stuff of great emotion, or incredible enlightenment, but they’re fun and get my brain in gear and the rest of the writing day runs much more smoothly.

I passed waffles in the freezer section at the grocery store yesterday. I love waffles. Here’s what happened in the car, with no paper. Yes, I had a Sonic hot dog, and yes there’s still ketchup on the inside. Don’t judge.

And so, dear reader, I leave you with this poem: 

I love waffles,
Yes, it’s true.
Round ones, square ones,
Heart shaped too.
I eat them fast,
No savoring here,
Cause the get cold quickly,
Just to be clear.
Butter is best
And syrup too
I don’t ruin them with fruit
But that’s up to you.

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