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A Terrific Review

Posted by Susan Stoltz on

The book A Flamboyance A Crash And A Dazzle got a review today that made me completely joyful.

When I wrote Flamboyance and began to visit schools it became evident that teaching language was much easier when entertaining animals came to the rescue. Combining a natural love of animals with language facilitated the transfer of concepts with a greater ease. Combine the rhyming and verse and now students were completely captivated and willing to create rhymes of their own. According to an article in Reading Partners It also tunes their ears to subtle differences in inflection and rhythm—key components to reading aloud. The rhyming structure allows kids to more naturally learn about word families and begin to create a mental library of sounds.

Here's the review posted on the website today:

Who knew vocabulary and grammar could be fun?

I first came across this book a few years ago at the Phoenix Zoo when my mom, a former elementary school teacher, purchased it. She just sent me a copy because we've decided to do a talk for my Children's Lit. class focused on using picture-books to teach vocabulary and grammar. While this isn't the only book we'll be talking about, it is my personal favorite. The rhymes are clever and charming. The illustrations are vibrant and playful. You just want to keep turning the pages to learn about more collective nouns for animals. If using in the classroom, a teacher might use this to teach the concept of collective nouns, rhyme schemes, and much more. Teachers can have kids research collective nouns for animals not included in the book to make a class version of their own! A fun and lovely read!

Thank you Dani for such a positive review! I hope you send a video of your presentation!  


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