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Sometimes Reviews Make the Best Posts

Posted by Susan Stoltz on

I found this review today - how I didn't see it before I don't know. For the entire review follow the link at the bottom!  Thanks Black Raven!

Showing how #2 can be #1 in helping the natural world

Steve the Dung Beetle by Susan R. Stoltz


I am on a roll with finding funny and education poop books. Steve the Dung Beetle: On a Roll could have been dull. But Susan R. Stoltz’s text makes this a story about what the 

dung beetle does in a not “laugh out loud manner” (that comes with the jokes at the end) but in a fun and educational manner.

Steve the Dung Beetle is for the slightly older crowd (age 5 and up) who like science and finds poo interesting. The facts about Dung Beetles do not stink, but are a refreshing, honest look at how the dung beetle helps other creatures and the environment in a story format. Facts at the end include more about the dung beetle, some of the animals mentioned (each having its name on the page we meet them) and some corny poop jokes. (What is a dung beetles favorite number?)

And Melissa Bailey’s illustrations are straight forward. Animals look like their real-life counterpart. The colors are perfectly bold, soft and create the mood needed. It could become a bedtime story due to the soft natured tone of the book. Or it can be a science class book or an any time book.

It might be a tad odd to write about this subject not once but twice close together, but what I really love about this book is even I learned something about dung beetles. A good book is a good book regardless age and frankly, subject. It is easy to understand and while you are having fun reading a story, you are learning.

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