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Take The Zoology Workbook Anywhere!

Posted by Susan Stoltz on

Going for a walk? Take the workbook! You never know what sort of wildlife you may see along the way! A bee, a bug, a dog, a cat, a cow, a bird, perhaps even a porcupine?  A porcupine is a bit unlikely unless you’re walking in the woods. In which case the wildlife you might encounter is endless!

How about the zoo or an aquarium?  Perfect. All sorts of animals there, and you could probably fill this entire workbook in a day! However your family might like to move along a little faster so perhaps choose 5 or 6 of your favorite animals, study them before you go and observe them at the zoo! Don’t forget to draw a picture of them while you’re there.

If homeschooling is what you do, this is a perfect workbook for the entire group. Can you find animals to study in your neighborhood? Perhaps for geography, can you study animals on a certain continent? Conservation; choose some critically endangered animals and look them up, read about them, or watch an animal documentary about them.  Can you fill out a page on each animal you choose? Of course! Science; are you studying animal classifications? This is the best workbook ever!

What about the internet? It’s your view upon the world. Can you look up animals with the computer and fill out your zoology workbook that way? Absolutely. Can you check out books at the library and learn enough about them to fill out a page in your workbook? Yep!

Going on a school field trip to a wildlife center, animal rescue, farm or ranch? You’ll see quite a few animals along the way and what better way to study them than with your zoology notes?

Most of all, have fun learning about what it takes to become a zoologist, zookeeper, animal caretaker, and more!

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