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Don't Rescue Kids From Mistakes, Instead...

Posted by Susan Stoltz on

Focus On The Solution

The good side of getting things wrong is that it enhances rather than detracts from learning. It’s how we challenge our children to learn to do things differently. Learning from mistakes helps develop wisdom and good judgment. Letting a child make mistakes and then giving them the opportunity to find a solution develops a child’s resilience and character strength!

All things aside, if your child made the decision to cross the street in front of a car you wouldn’t hesitate to intervene, but the small mistakes, such as taking things that don’t belong to you presents the opportunity to problem solve.

In the book, Dash and Zoom: Little Miss Sneakypants, Dash has made the mistake of thinking she can take whatever she wants for her own. When she takes a toy that belongs to her best friend Zoom she suddenly realizes that Zoom is not only sad, but her feelings are also hurt. What should Dash do? Is she rewarded for solving the problem well or punished for making the mistake in the first place?


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