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Let Your Talent Shine With Enthusiastic Humility

Posted by Susan Stoltz on

There's lots of information being put out there for authors about advertising and promotion. Some advocate mortgaging your last dollar to advertise on Amazon, others suggest social media, while others take the time to promote locally and often. 

I'm an advocate of all in moderation, but for the past several years, my friend and fellow author Hayley Rose and I, have hit every local street fair, book event, and author event we could possibly attend within a 200 miles radius. We reached thousands of people and have a solid base of repeat customers as well as new.

 Homeschoolers would bring their workbooks to show me what they had accomplished and parents would tell me what great things their kids had learned about conservation, wildlife, animal classification, and eco-systems. Grandparents would seek out new books to buy for their grandchildren, and give me all the news and updates of their families. Teachers would tell me about their classrooms and librarians would add my books to the shelves. Sometimes listening is the greatest of all sell-points!

What I didn't realize was how many people I had reached, and that what my illustrator, Melissa Bailey, and I had accomplished. We had established a brand recognized for excellence, humor, and learning, and a loyal customer base for which we are thankful.

What a nice surprise to have been voted as "Best Of The Valley 2022" in Phoenix Magazine July/August of this year! Thanks so much to all of you who sent in your ballots for Steve The Dung Beetle: On A Roll. Even though he was voted #1, he's still #2 to me! 

Work hard, be kind, be honest, engage with people, don't let others discourage you, and let your talent shine with enthusiastic humility.  Thank you voters! :) 





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