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Steve The Dung Beetle On A Roll

Steve The Dung Beetle On A Roll



Steve the dung beetle... on a mission.

 Roll the ball of poo home.

Everyone wants to know what Steve is up to on his journey home. The elephant, giraffe, and warthog, among others, ask the same thing, "Why are you rolling that ball of poo? As he makes his way home, Steve teaches the other animals about why his job is so important to the environment and to all the other animals! 
A look into one of the world's most interesting insects, one that can navigate his way home by the position of the moon, stars, and sun on the horizon.The jokes at the back of the book and on the back of the dust jacket are hilarious and you might find yourself laughing right along with the spotted hyena!

You and your child will love Steve's adventure, because of the brilliant illustrations and all the fantastic facts.