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Valentine's Day - If We Must

Posted by Susan Stoltz on

Though Valentine's Day has never been my favorite holiday, many people enjoy it. Some get quite irritated if their 'loved one' happens to forget, or makes less a deal about it than expected. I'm generally just glad when it's over because I believe that if you love someone you should show them on a daily basis, not on a special 'day' deemed for giant displays of ardor and/or devotion. 

Here's a very brief history of Valentine's Day - it has a rather gruesome past.

Saint Valentine was a priest who conducted marriage ceremonies (and other services) in third-century Rome.  The emperor at the time, Claudius II, thought that single men made better soldiers. St. Valentine disagreed, disobeyed the order banning marriage for young people, and subsequently was offed by the emperor. Two centuries after Valentine’s death, Pope Gelasius became the head of the Catholic Church, and decreed that February 14th should be Valentine’s Day. Fast-forward a few hundred years, and Valentine's Day cards are now mass-produced in their thousands. It's the second largest holiday for sending cards, with Christmas being the first.

So if we must celebrate this day, I prefer to send cards or small gifts to my nieces and nephews, or grand-nephew and sometimes to good friends. More often than not they're humorous rather than serious, but it does give me the opportunity to let them know that they're special to me.

Here's a children's book that is a terrific Valentine's Day gift for the smalls in your life. Giving the gift of reading is a delightful idea, this book is bright, beautiful, and has learning on three levels. Even the adults will learn the name of each butterfly as it appears on the page. 

And so dear readers, I leave you with a poem: 
Roses are red
Violets are not,
Valentines Day Gifts -
Some food for thought.
Give a book as a gift
Reading lasts forever,
whereas candy and flowers 
Are not quite as clever.

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