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New Website Alert!!

Posted by Susan Stoltz on


After months of hard work formatting images, writing blogs, poems, descriptive info, and learning how to navigate behind the webpage ( with help from a skilled professional who I thank from the bottom of my novice heart ) I now have a new website. You can buy my books here, find new products in the making, including an upcoming release of a collection of my stained glass patterns, chapter books for young readers, and a gardening journal.

There's a great book deal in celebration of this release - 3 for $33!

Please visit my new site and feel free to comment! 

And so my friends, I leave you with this poem.

“A new website is needed!”
That’s what I was told,
From people who knew me
“The other’s so OLD!”
“Fresh content and photos,
And products and such!”
Who knew I’d be working
And working so MUCH!
So here’s what I’ve got,
With a poem or two.
I hope you will visit
Without further ado!

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