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Giving Tuesday - Buy For Children In Need And I Will Do The Rest!

Posted by Susan Stoltz on


Sometimes I wonder just how I can make a difference in the lives of others. During this time of year people donate to charities and often wonder about just how much of their donation actually makes it to the very people who need it.  I want to be able to give in a direct and meaningful way and in today’s world that’s not often viable.

Have you ever considered giving something solid and concrete rather than funds that somebody else manages? Books are a great idea in so many ways. Reading is the gift of a lifetime, but children in less than ideal situations aren’t often the recipient of things educational, entertaining, or valuable, rather their physical needs must come first. Donating books to a children’s home, child crisis center, foster care facility, children’s hospital, libraries, your child’s school library, teacher, or a school in lower income areas is a great solution. Your gift would be there for countless children over a long period of time and so beneficial to many.

The bundle deal of 3 books for $33 dollars is ideal for this sort of giving. Simply indicate what charity you want the books to go to, include that in the shipping address and we will mail your gift along with a card stating who the gift came from and an address where they can send a tax deduction form if you so choose. You don’t have to package or mail or organize. It will all be done for you and your receipt will state your charity giving.

Support a small business and give at the same time. Your random act of kindness is a great message for this holiday season and so many with limited funds and limited ability to help themselves will be endlessly appreciative.


January 2, 2021

What a wonderful, caring idea and the bonus of you handling everything makes it so easy to do.
Thanks for being such a kind person.

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