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Bring Me A Rock!

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Bring Me A Rock! by Daniel Miyares

A very bossy and self-important grasshopper king wants a throne of rocks. He therefore commands his subjects to build one for him. The littlest bug carried the biggest pebble he could, but is told it will never do and isn’t good enough. All the other bugs bring rocks and they are piled high so the king feels very superior to all.  However, things don’t go as planned and when the tower of rocks begins to topple the tiny bug places his pebble in exactly the right spot to save the day. When the king rewards him with whatever he wants the dinkiest of them all makes a decision and now everyone feels important.

In this beautifully and colorfully illustrated book the author touches upon two subjects. First, we all have times when we don’t feel like we are good enough. And second, how can we make good decisions that aren’t completely focused on our own wants and needs? This is a tough subject for children, especially for the justice warrior children out there who want everything to be fair. We all know that life won’t always be fair or just, but in this one moment, everybody was able to be happy. The illustrations work beautifully with the text. The faces on these bugs are terrific, the rhinoceros beetle is my favorite!

Bring Me A Rock gets 5 stars from me!

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