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What Does A Dung Beetle Eat For Breakfast?... Pooptarts.

Posted by Susan Stoltz on


A dung beetle named Steve! He's #2!

This book. It attracts kids, adults, and teens. In fact, when at events people walking by with absolutely no reason to buy a book, see Steve and it's all over. They just have to know what's inside. POO of course! 

Adults buy this book just because of the dung beetle jokes on the back. Two teens bought it because their little brother was named Steve! A school in Wyoming liked it so much that they bought one for every single student in the school and had me come and visit for two whole days. You simply can't miss with the word POO on every single page and the kids don't even realize how much they're learning about how important this little bug is to the entire planet.

As I say when I visit schools - We're #2!


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