Not every kid gets the opportunity to spend a significant part of her childhood in what most would designate as paradise.  I was one of the lucky few and at just the right age.  I was let loose in the jungles of an island approximately five miles wide and seven miles long.  We lived in a long rectangular house with cinder block ends and no walls on either long side.  Instead we had screens with canvas ‘sails’ that we pulled up at night and to keep the rain out.  There were five little houses exactly like ours built in a ‘u’ shaped neighborhood and our house was the bottom of that ‘u.’ Built on an airstrip left over from world war two we arrived completely unprepared for what became known as one of the most wonderful times in our life as a family.

Our adventures were many and the lifestyle completely unexpected.  From hurricanes to frog infestations, sunsets only pictures can justify, crystal clear oceans and beaches as far as you can see without another soul in sight.  We mastered the jungle, learned to hack down bananas, papayas, coconuts and sweet sugar cane as we ran unfettered by either fear or neighborhood boundaries.  Often our mother would look out the back and see us sixty feet up a breadfruit tree waving frantically at her in the distance.

The stories in this section are all from our life on that little island, the people we met, the adventures we had, wonderful photos from our voyage over seas, our escapades and exploits on that tiny island full of beauty, mystery and wonder, the island of American Samoa.