About Susan

We were a normal American family, normal being a relative term of course. My mother was an elementary school teacher as well as a professional violinist. My father was a journalist, teacher and High School Principal. We were average kids growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles. What precipitated the sudden move to American Samoa my brother, sister and I speculate, but with three children in tow our parents sold the house, put belongings in storage and hopped a plane for a little island in the South Pacific. Neither had ever been there. Everyone told them it was crazy. By average standards it was crazy. We’ve all been a little nuts ever since.

Hiking on the Uncompahgre River

Our adventures overseas would take pages and pages; the beaches, jungles, natives, and complete freedom as a child. We had lizards and frogs in the house, bush knives and wild horses in the jungle, black sand beaches, and pigs roasted underground. I can remember every Sunday morning waking to the smoke rising from the umu’s (underground ovens) to form a haze just over the top of the jungle. The smell of roasting pig and chickens lingered heavy in the damp air. Banana’s hung from the trees. So did papaya and breadfruit. They were there for the taking along with coconuts, taro and sugar cane. I used to walk through the jungle chewing on the stringy pulp of the sweet cane as I weaved my way through the narrow paths to the beach. Palms towered above me, Hibiscus and Plumeria bloomed everywhere I looked, and their fragrance followed me down the path.  The sound of the ocean was roaring in the near distance. Didn’t every kid grow up this way?

My life experiences have lead to many places. I’ve had some pretty wild adventures.  My career as a real-estate appraiser lead to all sorts of unique encounters, unethical men, broken bones and broken pipes, thieves, rattlesnakes, and an ostrich out of control.

My connection with animals has been a life-long affair.  There is rarely a photo of me without an animal someplace within the frame.  I’d bring home every stray animal I could find and longed for a horse all my life.  It wasn’t until I was thirty years old that I finally got that dream and I’ve been an avid horsewoman ever since.  As a lover, no, let me rephrase – a fanatic of Jack Russell’s I’ve owned several in my life and can’t imagine my world without their chaos.  I’m an advocate for animal rescue.

After 28 years in Minnesota I find myself in our nation’s west.  My love for the snow-capped crags and peaks of the mountains equals that of the tropics.  For the time being I believe that I shall stay firmly planted in the west but I’m always open to new adventures so who knows what may be around the corner.

My memoir is appropriately entitled: “Never Stand Next To Me In An Electrical Storm” but since I keep having such amazing and/or humorous adventures it may never be completed!

I hope you enjoy the many aspects of this website.  Although it’s impossible for a site on the internet to cover every characteristic of a human being, this one at least gives some insight into many facets of my life to include authorship, artistry, an adoration of animals,  a strong commitment to sustainable living, and finding that place of kinship with the earth and gratitude of the heart.