“But Why Don’t We Fly?”

Today I was taking my walk, which is something I try to do daily, but generally manage about 5 times a week. Staying fit is motivation, but hey, step counters are even more motivating… just one more step and I am closer to 15,000. Ok so I’m goal oriented – don’t judge. I digress. So on my walk through the desert neighborhood I saw a family of … [Read More...]

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Who Forgets Their Phone???

I went to work the other day and forgot my phone. FORGOT MY PHONE!! Who does that kind of thing? The first half hour was murderous. The second half hour equally so. By the third hour I quit grabbing my back pocket for it. By the fourth hour I was actually taking note of things around me I hadn’t … [Read More...]

Some Days All You Need Is A Goat

  Two years ago the first book in the current series was released, Seymour The Naughty Goat. What some of you may not realize is that Seymour really is a goat at the zoo where I work. And he’s naughty. Besides all of the true antics in the book (except for the ‘snack bar’ trip) he has … [Read More...]

Look It Up! By Susan R. Stoltz

I grew up with parents who were avid readers.  My dad could get so absorbed in a book he didn’t hear you when you spoke to him.  Mom was a slower reader but generally had at least two books going at a time.  We learned how to access the library early on and the dictionary was the most important book … [Read More...]

Blogs to Vultures… How Does This Happen?

I think part of what writers like about blogs is that we can take a break from those things we’re supposed to be writing and confabulate, commune, and converse about things that are on our minds.  What did we do before the blog? We journaled.  Few were privy to the copious pages of prattle, and, … [Read More...]